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Frequent questions

How do I open an account?

You can do so by going to our offices at Av. del Libertador 101, Piso 10. Vicente Lopez, BA. All the documentation is in the sectionAccounts opening


What is the minimum amount to invest?

We do not require a minimum amount to start trading.


Is it possible to invest abroad?

Yes. The recommended minimum investment for assets abroad is USD 5,000.


What are the tariffs?

The tariffs are among the most competitive in the market and vary according to the profile and the investments made. 


Do you provide advice to clients?

Yes, our financial advisors are in permanent contact with our clients to assist them.


How do I deposit money to my account?

You can do it through bank transfer by sending us the receipt, online, to be able to credit the funds to your principal account.


How do I withdraw money from my account?

You can do it online, by bank transfer to the holder's own accounts.


Can I transfer stocks and bonds from another broker?

Yes. You must request the transfer to OMEGA BURSATIL from the stockbroker and notify your financial advisor.


Can I check my account and carry out operations?

Yes. Once you open your account at OMEGA BURSATIL you will have a user to access your account where you can see your holdings and movements. You can operate through your commercial advisor or from your online platform.


Who do I go to if I have doubts and/or questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact your advisor by calling (5411) 5192-5520, sending an email to or through the website


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